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2019-05-30Fix linkHEADmasterKen Kellner
2019-05-30Add licenseKen Kellner
2019-05-30Update READMEKen Kellner
2019-05-28Clean up supplementsKen Kellner
2019-02-20Update y axis label on fig3Ken Kellner
2019-02-14Complete fixing appendix S2Ken Kellner
2019-02-13Start updating appendix 2 with better namesKen Kellner
2018-08-13Fix y-axis labelsKen Kellner
2017-11-17Combine output tables into single pdfKen Kellner
2017-11-17Combined supplementKen Kellner
2017-10-12Fix species names in supplementsKen Kellner
2017-10-06Add niche to table s1Ken Kellner
2017-10-06Make script to build all supplements and move themKen Kellner
2017-10-06Remove extra species from table S2Ken Kellner
2017-10-05Adjust fig3 to use residualsKen Kellner
2017-10-04Weight cell occurrence by proportion of habitat in landscape and re-runKen Kellner
2017-07-18Add code for table 1 and table s1. Number figures.Ken Kellner
2017-07-17Add supplement and give final number to some figures/supplements.Ken Kellner
2017-07-14Update frag index figure to work on lower res filesKen Kellner
2017-07-14Move filepath code into Rprofile so it gets loaded on project openKen Kellner
2017-07-13Frag effect figures and several supplements.Ken Kellner
2017-07-12Combine niche and frag analyses into single model. Frag score now based on pc...Ken Kellner
2017-07-10Finish detection figures and niche breadth figures for all taxa except turtlesKen Kellner
2017-07-07Finish bat and turtle factor/edge analysesKen Kellner
2017-07-06Run birds edge analysis and add functions to map to data and output directories.Ken Kellner
2017-07-05Add frag analysis using edge for mammalsKen Kellner
2017-07-03Switch data directories and add beginning of analysis where fragmentation is ...Ken Kellner
2017-06-12Frag factor 1 figure for mammalsKen Kellner
2017-06-09Add more figures for posterKen Kellner
2017-06-08Split out data and output directories. Add Purdue theme to figureKen Kellner
2017-06-06Niche v occupancy figure for birdsKen Kellner
2017-06-05Clean up bird figures. Need to generate non-ID version of niche/occ figures.Ken Kellner
2017-06-02Work on mammal figures and split out from main script.Ken Kellner
2017-05-10Work on level 2 small mammal analysis and further code cleanupKen Kellner
2017-05-09Level 2 bird analysis mostly complete using new frag metrics. Regorganize and...Ken Kellner
2017-05-08New fragmentation index and associated figures.Ken Kellner
2017-05-05Build some figures showing effects of habitat on detection and occupancyKen Kellner
2017-05-04Update to new preference approach. Upload script with some ideas for measurin...Ken Kellner
2017-05-02Add habitat covariates on abundance and detection for bird analysisKen Kellner
2017-05-02Eliminate birds without good habitat associations from analysisKen Kellner
2017-04-27First pass at some combined analyses. Start using "expert" approach to choosi...Ken Kellner
2017-04-14Exploratory analysis combining taxaKen Kellner
2017-04-13Get birds lvl 1 analysis ready for full runKen Kellner
2017-04-12Set up lvl1 birds analysis and start testingKen Kellner
2017-04-11Finish bats analysisKen Kellner
2017-04-10Work on bats analysisKen Kellner
2017-03-30Fix bug in level 1 turtle analysis and work on bat data processingKen Kellner
2017-03-30Finish turtle analysisKen Kellner
2017-03-30Clean up and consolidate mammal analysisKen Kellner
2017-03-29Final(?) mammal analysis in JAGS, also code for frequentist version that does...Ken Kellner