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2017-02-17Update repo name.HEADmasterKen Kellner
2017-02-17Add combined figure for talks.Ken Kellner
2016-11-11Add details about final paper to README.Ken Kellner
2016-09-29Clean up repo, get rid of old code, add example data.Ken Kellner
2016-09-14Change paper title in supplements.Ken Kellner
2016-05-16Updated figures and supplements for Plant Ecology.Ken Kellner
2016-04-25Incorporate Saunders and Swihart lab group comments - mainly intro reorganiza...Ken Kellner
2016-04-22Fix table in supplement s1.Ken Kellner
2016-04-20Fix error in calculation of sample seedling heights for figure. Fix error in ...Ken Kellner
2016-04-20Correct edge/harvest classification error. Add supplements.Ken Kellner
2016-04-20Fix errors with height covariate.Ken Kellner
2016-04-19Start fix to ht.raw mistake.Ken Kellner
2016-04-18Reorganize figures and tables.Ken Kellner
2016-04-15Add some write-up about the herbivore interactions. Sent this version to Saun...Ken Kellner
2016-04-11Update figures and tables.Ken Kellner
2016-04-05Add categorial analysis.Ken Kellner
2016-04-05Add alternative categorical analysis.Ken Kellner
2016-04-05Update insect analysis.Ken Kellner
2016-04-04Upload working draft of paper.Ken Kellner
2016-04-04Update rabbit and insect analyses to new version.Ken Kellner
2016-04-04Fix intercept at 0 to improve identifiability.Ken Kellner
2016-04-04Adjust model to get rid of time-differing tau values (should be consistent)Ken Kellner
2016-04-01Update analyses to include covariate for past browsing events.Ken Kellner
2015-12-01Final dissertation versions of figures.Ken Kellner
2015-11-05Add PDF figures for dissertation.Ken Kellner
2015-11-02Code to output figures as TIFF.Ken Kellner
2015-01-13Add error bars to transect figure.Ken Kellner
2015-01-13Add pellet count analysis / figureKen Kellner
2015-01-08Update transect figure labels.Ken Kellner
2015-01-08Add some code for figures.Ken Kellner
2015-01-07Initial version of analysis done.Ken Kellner
2015-01-05Initial commit for herbivory analysis (split off from seedling survival analy...Ken Kellner
2015-01-05Initial commitKen Kellner