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-Analysis of herbivore pressure on oak along a disturbance gradient.
+Analysis of herbivory by deer, rabbits, and insects across an edge created by timber harvesting. The analysis also examines the effects of browsing events on the probability of future browsing by the same and different species.
+The results are published in the following article:
+[*Kellner, Kenneth F., and Robert K. Swihart. 2016. Herbivory on planted oak seedlings across a habitat edge created by timber harvest. Plant Ecology.*](http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11258-016-0678-6)
+The *analysis_browse.R* and *analysis_pellet_counts.R* files contain Bayesian analyses of browsing probability and a randomization test of pellet abundance, respectively.
+The *model_browse.R* file contains BUGS code for the browse analysis.
+The *function_format_data.R* file contains a function for parsing the raw browse and covariate data into more useful formats.
+The *figures* folder contains code generating the figures in the final manuscript.
+The *data* subfolder contains example CSV files representative of the actual data used in this study. I do not currently have permission to publish the complete raw data.
+The *supplements* subfolder contains code for generating the supplementary information included with the paper. \ No newline at end of file