An analysis of the response of breeding birds to forest management at the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment. The analysis was conducted at a management unit scale (mu; multi-stand, encompassing several harvest types) and a harvest-level scale (hl; individual clearcuts, patch cuts, etc).

The results are published in the following article:

Kellner, Kenneth F.; Ruhl, Patrick J.; Dunning, John B.; Riegel, Jeffery K.; Swihart, Robert K. 2016. Multi-scale responses of breeding birds to experimental forest management in Indiana, USA. Forest Ecology and Management 382: 64-75.


The analysis_[ ].R contain the framework of the Bayesian analysis in JAGS for each of the two analysis scales as described above.

The function_[ ].R files contain functions to parse the input and output data (functionality described in detail at the beginning of each file).

The models subfolder contains the model description (in the BUGS language) for each analysis.

The figures folder contains code generating the figures in the final manuscript as well as the table.

The supplements folder contains code generating the supplemental information in the final manuscript.

The presentations folder contains LaTeX and Markdown code for presentations I have given on this research along with associated figure code.

The data subfolder contains example CSV files representative of the actual data used in this study. I do not currently have permission to publish the complete raw data.