jagsUIR package to run JAGS analyses4 days
ubmsUnmarked Bayesian models with Stan6 days
kenkellner.comMy website11 days
blogStatic-site generator using Rmarkdown, Python, and GNU make4 months
unmarkedMy fork of the R package unmarked5 months
naufrp-benchmarkShiny webapp for benchmarking the productivity of forestry faculty against their...10 months
canid-distributionAnalysis of land cover effects on coyote and red fox distribution in New York11 months
Unmarked.jlUnofficial Julia port of the R package unmarked15 months
article-epubTool to convert scientific articles available as HTML to EPUB17 months
hee-bird-habitatEffects of local-scale habitat features on breeding bird abundance21 months
mofep-synthesisEffects of forest management on vertebrate communities, synthesizing two decades...22 months
uwep-responsesAnalysis of niche breadth effects on response to fragmentation2 years
soelAgent-based model of oak early life history2 years
clemson-workshopMaterials for R workshop at Clemson3 years
seminar-talkSlides from talk on HEE birds and acorn dispersal3 years
thesisLaTeX code for my MS thesis3 years
dissertationLaTeX code for my PhD dissertation3 years
R-manualA manual for doing basic statistics in R, built with Rmarkdown3 years
hee-smam-abundanceShort-term effects of timber harvest on small mammals at the HEE3 years
stat-shiny-appsA set of Shiny webapps for demonstrating basic statistical concepts4 years
hee-mast-gtrPre-harvest mast production and predation at the HEE4 years
hee-bird-abundanceAnalysis of forest management effects on breeding bird abundance at the HEE4 years
BACMBayesian model-based Age Classification using Morphometric measurements 4 years
bp-intermediate-hostAnalysis of raccoon roundworm prevalence in suburban small mammal populations4 years
hee-acorn-dispersalEffects of forest management on acorn dispersal and survival4 years
hee-oak-herbivoryHerbivory on oak seedlings at the HEE4 years
hee-oak-mastEffects of forest management on oak mast production and predation at the HEE4 years
hee-seedling-survivalOak seedling survival in clearcuts4 years
hee-smam-habitatHabitat use by small mammals at the HEE4 years
imperfect-detectionQuantitative literature review of statistical methods in ecology that account fo...4 years