jagsUI2Experimental version of jagsUI2 weeks
uwep-responsesAnalysis of niche breadth effects on response to fragmentation7 weeks
soelAgent-based model of oak early life history7 weeks
article-epubTool to convert scientific articles available as HTML to EPUB7 weeks
kellner-cvLaTeX code for my CV7 weeks
unmarkedMy fork of the R package unmarked2 months
kenkellner.comMy website5 months
jagsUIR package to run JAGS analyses5 months
clemson-workshopMaterials for R workshop at Clemson10 months
seminar-talkSlides from talk on HEE birds and acorn dispersal10 months
blogStatic-site generator using Rmarkdown, Python, and GNU make10 months
thesisLaTeX code for my MS thesis13 months
dissertationLaTeX code for my PhD dissertation13 months
R-manualA manual for doing basic statistics in R, built with Rmarkdown13 months
hee-bird-abundanceAnalysis of forest management effects on breeding bird abundance at the HEE22 months
bp-intermediate-hostAnalysis of raccoon roundworm prevalence in suburban small mammal populations22 months
imperfect-detectionQuantitative literature review of statistical methods in ecology that account fo...22 months