Ken Kellner


Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State University  |


Models of wildlife distribution and abundance, open-source scientific software, reproducible research, metascience.


2022- Research Assistant Professor Michigan State University
2019-2022 Research Scientist State University of New York - ESF
2018 Postdoc West Virginia University
2016-2017 Postdoc Purdue University


2015 PhD Ecology Purdue University
2012 MS Ecology Purdue University
2009 BS Biology Wheaton College


jagsUI R interface to JAGS, a program for Bayesian analysis
unmarked R package for analysis of wildlife occurrence and abundance
ubms Run models from R package unmarked in Stan
article-epub Python package to build e-books from scientific articles
Unmarked.jl Julia port of R package unmarked


Kéry M, Kellner KF (2024). Applied Statistical Modelling for Ecologists. Elsevier. [view]

Selected Papers

Kéry M, Royle JA, Hallman T, Robinson WD, Strebel N, Kellner KF (2024). Integrated distance sampling models for simple point counts. Ecology 105, e4292. [view]

Kellner KF, Smith AD, Royle JA, Kéry M, Belant JL, Chandler RB (2023). The unmarked R package: Twelve years of advances in occurrence and abundance modelling in ecology. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 14, 1408-1415. [view]

Kellner KF, Parsons AW, Kays R, Millspaugh JJ, Rota CT (2022). A Two-Species Occupancy Model with a Continuous-Time Detection Process Reveals Spatial and Temporal Interactions. Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics 27, 321–338. [view]

Clipp HL, Evans AL, Kessinger BE, Kellner KF, Rota CT (2021). A penalized likelihood for multispecies occupancy models improves predictions of species interactions. Ecology, e03520. [view]

Kellner KF, Fowler NL, Petroelje TR, Kautz TM, Beyer DE, Belant, JL (2021). ubms: An R package for fitting hierarchical occupancy and N-mixture abundance models in a Bayesian framework. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 13, 577–584. [view]

Strebel N, Fiss CJ, Kellner KF, Larkin JL, Kéry M, Cohen J (2021). Estimating abundance based on time-to-detection data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 12, 909–920. [view]



2024 Multi-species Occupancy Modeling Fairbanks, AK
2023 Applied Statistical Modeling East Lansing, MI
2023 Applied Hierarchical Modeling in Ecology Patuxent, MD
2020, 2021 Multi-species Occupancy Modeling TWS Conference
2018 Introductory R Clemson, SC


Elementary Statistical Methods, R and Bayesian Analysis for Ecologists, Spatial Capture-Recapture, Systematics of Amphibians, Reptiles, and Birds

Papers Continued

Belant JL, Bennett A, Kellner KF, del Mar Mancha-Cisneros M (2024). Ecosystem services from wildlife harvests. BioScience, biae039. [view]

Zubiria Perez A, Kellner KF, MacFarland DM, Price Tack JL, Ruid DB, Stauffer GE, Belant JL (2024). Effects of lethal management on gray wolf pack persistence and reproduction in Wisconsin, USA. Scientific Reports 14, 9895. [view]

Wehr NH, Moore SA, Isaac EJ, Kellner KF, Millspaugh JJ, Belant JL (2024). Spatial overlap of gray wolves and ungulate prey changes seasonally corresponding to prey migration. Movement Ecology 12, 33. [view]

Wehr NH, Moore SA, Isaac EJ, Kellner KF, Millspaugh JJ, Belant JL (2024). Moose and white-tailed deer mortality peaks in fall and late winter. Journal of Wildlife Management. [view]

van den Bosch M, Beyer DE, Erb JD, Gantchoff MG, Kellner KF, MacFarland DM, Patterson BR, Price Tack JL, Roell BJ, Belant JL (2024). Temporal dynamics in gray wolf space use suggest stabilizing range in the Great Lakes region, USA. Biological Conservation 291, 110489. [view]

van den Bosch M, Kellner KF, Gantchoff MG, Patterson BR, Barber-Meyer SM, Beyer DE, Erb JD, Isaac EJ, MacFarland DM, Moore SA, Norton DC, Petroelje TR, Price Tack JL, Roell BJ, Schrage M, Belant JL (2023). Habitat selection of resident and non-resident gray wolves: implications for habitat connectivity. Scientific Reports 13, 20415. [view]

van den Bosch M, Kellner KF, Mkasanga I, Mwampeta B, Fyumagwa R, Gantchoff MG, Patterson BR, Belant JL (2023). Spatial and temporal niche overlap of aardwolves and aardvarks in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. Ecology and Evolution 13, e10718. [view]

van den Bosch M, Kellner KF, Beyer DE, Erb JD, MacFarland DM, Norton DC, Price Tack JL, Roell BJ, Belant JL (2023). Gray wolf range in the western Great Lakes region under forecasted land use and climate change. Ecosphere 14, e4630. [view]

Hill JE, Kellner KF, Holland AE, Kluever BM, Pfeiffer MB, DeVault TL, Belant JL (2023) Urbanization influences spatiotemporal patterns of roost site selection by black vultures and turkey vultures. Urban Ecosystems, 1-13. [view]

McKinney AB, Barlow KN, Adams HE, White JL, Kellner KF, Ruhl PJ (2023). Foraging Intensity of Tufted Titmice (Baeolophus bicolor) in Response to Feed Type and Extreme Winter Conditions. Southeastern Naturalist 22, 43-56. [view]

Siemer WF, Lauber TB, Stedman RC, Hurst JE, Sun C, Hollingshead NA, Belant JL, Kellner KF (2023). Perception and Trust Influence Acceptance for Black Bears More Than Bear Density or Conflicts. Frontiers in Conservation Science 4, 1-4. [view]

Parchizadeh J, Kellner KF, Hurst JE, Kramer DW, Belant JL (2023). Factors influencing frequency and severity of human-American black bear conflicts in New York, USA. PLoS ONE 18, e0282322. [view]

Schooler SL, Finnegan SP, Fowler NL, Kellner KF, et al. (2022). Factors influencing lion movements and habitat use in the western Serengeti ecosystem, Tanzania. Scientific Reports 12, 18890. [view]

Schooler SL, Svoboda NJ, Finnegan SP, Crye J, Kellner KF, Belant JL (2022). Maternal carryover, winter severity, and brown bear abundance relate to elk demographics. PLoS ONE 17, e0274359. [view]

van den Bosch M, Beyer DE, Erb JD, Gantchoff MG, Kellner KF, MacFarland DM, Norton DC, Patterson BR, Price Tack JL, Roell BJ, Belant JL (2022). Identifying potential gray wolf habitat and connectivity in the eastern USA. Biological Conservation 273, 109708. [view]

Hill JE, Boone HM, Gantchoff MG, Kautz TM, Kellner KF, Orning EK, Parchizadeh J, Petroelje TR, Wehr NH, Finnegan SP, Fowler NL, Lutto AL, Schooler SL, van den Bosch M, Zubiria Perez A, Belant JL (2022). Quantifying anthropogenic wolf mortality in relation to hunting regulations and landscape attributes across North America. Ecology and Evolution 12, e8875. [view]

Fowler NL, Petroelje TR, Kautz TM, Svoboda NJ, Duquette JF, Kellner KF, Beyer DE, Belant JL (2022). Variable effects of wolves on niche breadth and density of intraguild competitors. Ecology and Evolution 12, e8542. [view]

Parsons AW, Kellner KF, Rota CT, Schuttler SG, Millspaugh JJ, Kays RW (2022). The effect of urbanization on spatiotemporal interactions between gray foxes and coyotes. Ecosphere 13, e3993. [view]

Saeed, M, Rais M, Akram A, Williams MR, Kellner KF, Hashsham SA, Davis DR (2022). Development and validation of an eDNA protocol for monitoring endemic Asian spiny frogs in the Himalayan region of Pakistan. Scientific Reports 12, 5624. [view]

Brüniche-Olsen A, Bickham JW, Godard-Codding CA, Brykhov VA, Kellner KF, Urban J, DeWoody JA (2021). Influence of Holocene habitat availability and commercial whaling on Pacific gray whale (Eschrichtius robustus) population dynamics as inferred from whole mitochondrial genome sequences and environmental niche modelling. Journal of Mammalogy, gyab032. [view]

Fowler NL, Kautz TM, Petroelje TR, Wilton CM, Kellner KF, O’Brien DJ, Parsons B, Beyer DE, Belant JL (2021). Marginal support for a trophic cascade among sympatric canids in peripheral wolf range. Ecology 102, e03494. [view]

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Hill JE, Kellner KF, Kluever BM, Avery ML, Humphrey JS, Tillman EA, DeVault TL, Belant JL (2021). Landscape transformations produce favorable roosting conditions for turkey vultures and black vultures. Scientific Reports 11, 14793. [view]

Kautz TM, Beyer DE, Farley Z, Fowler NL, Kellner KF, Lutto AL, Petroelje TR, Belant JL (2021). American martens use vigilance and short-term avoidance to navigate a landscape of fear from fishers at artificial scavenging sites. Scientific Reports 11, 12146. [view]

Kellner KF, Hurst JE, Kramer DW, Belant JL (2021). Effects of Antler Point Restrictions on Deer Harvest in New York. Wildlife Society Bulletin 45, 581-588. [view]

Romanski MC, Orning EK, Kellner KF, Beyer DE, Brzeski K, Hart J, et. al. (2020). Wolves and the Isle Royale Environment: Restoring an Island Ecosystem 2018-2020. Technical Report. Michigan Tech Publications. [view]

Gantchoff M, Hill J, Kellner KF, Fowler N, Petroelje T, Conlee L, Beyer D, Belant JL (2020). Mortality of a large wide-ranging carnivore largely caused by anthropogenic activities. Scientific Reports 10, 1–11. [view]

Kellner KF, Hill JE, Gantchoff MG, Kramer DW, Bailey AM, Belant JL (2020). Responses of sympatric canids to human development revealed through citizen science. Ecology and Evolution 10, 8705–8714. [view]

Ruhl PJ, Kellner KF, Dunning JB (2020). Deciphering the Postfledging Habitat Associations of Mature Forest Songbirds in Clearcuts. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 132, 145–158. [view]

Timm S, Wolf AJ, Gao X, Kellner KF (2020). Assessing multi-scale habitat relationships and responses to forest management for cryptic herpetofauna in the Missouri Ozarks, USA. Forest Ecology and Management 460, 117892. [view]

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Greenler S, Estrada L, Kellner KF, Saunders MR, Swihart RK (2019). Prescribed fire and partial overstory removal alter an acorn-rodent conditional mutualism. Ecological Applications 29, e01958. [view]

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Recent Presentations

Kellner KF, Smith AD, Royle JA, Kéry M, Belant JL, Chandler RB (2023). R packages unmarked and ubms: New tools for abundance and occurrence modeling. Wildlife Society Annual Conference, Louisville, KY.

Kellner KF, Hurst JE, Kramer DW, Belant JL (2019). Effects of antler point restrictions on white-tailed deer harvest in New York State. Wildlife Society Annual Conference, Reno, NV.

Kellner KF, Rota CT, Renken R, Porneluzi P, Millspaugh J, Wolf A, Timm S, Ehlers S (2018). Effects of forest management on vertebrate communities: synthesizing two decades of results from a long-term study. Wildlife Society Annual Conference, Cleveland, OH.


2021 Osborn Wildlife Conservation Early Career Award, Purdue University
2015 Kirkpatrick Memorial Graduate Student Award, Purdue University
2015 Teaching Academy Graduate Teaching Award, Purdue University
2014 Fischer Forestry Fund Scholarship, Purdue University
2010, 2011 NSF Graduate Fellowship Honorable Mention, National Science Foundation
2009 Frederick N. Andrews Fellowship, Purdue University
2009 David Bruce Memorial Research Award, Wheaton College
2009 Honors in Biology, Wheaton College
2005 National Merit Scholarship, Wheaton College

Peer Review

I have reviewed papers for more than 20 journals, including Basic and Applied Ecology, Conservation Biology, Ecological Applications, Ecological Modelling, Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, and Methods in Ecology and Evolution.